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The 30m CW interest group encourages CW activity on 30m to ensure that we do not lose this very special prime CW band to other modes, nor lose it to other primary services. The best way to do this is to be active on 30m as much as possible.


30CW.net membership is open to all CW operators who use or wish to use the 30m radio amateur band using Morse Code for "non-5NN" activities and who support the aims specified below:

  • Giving honest signal reports (RST)
  • Avoiding unnecessary split operation
  • Promoting human CW QSO on 30m
  • Encouraging friendships among CW OPs

Please use the forums as often as you can for friendly exchange of information about 30m activities, nets, news, propagation, antennas and sharing of personal experiences and nice QSO on 30m as well as anything else related to 30m of interest to 30m CW operators.

If you agree with the above aims, please join this site via the button below:


You must register with a username of or including your CALLSIGN or change your settings to screen name CALLSIGN or including your callsign so you can be assigned a membership number.

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Hello all, well still plodding on trying to teach this "old dogs new tricks" and learning cw "again".
Just looking back through this years 30m log
Currently showing VK,8P,PJ4,EA8,ZF,HK,SV9,DL,OH,FY,HA,HB0,LY,TZ,SP,EA,SM,5H.
Running here a simple in vert L (vertical part 35 foot), and 100w so there is dx about.

17.00hrs gmt on wards seem good for me in G

Regards to all
de G5XW


There is life out there by G5XWG5XW, 28 Apr 2020 09:41

Hope we all safe in this current situation we find our self in,
As well as plenty of small jobs getting done during "lock down", been grabbing a few Q's on 30m (along with other bands)
Running 100w into inverted L, The evenings been getting occasional VK working Caribbean with some good signals.
Getting back into me cw again, stay safe and regards to all
de G5XW Russell


Hope were all safe by G5XWG5XW, 08 Apr 2020 08:42
VK6ISVK6IS 02 May 2019 08:03
in discussion Community / 30m Skeds, SOTA » sCWs

there does seem to be some interest in the sCWs principle:
- apparently it's centered at about 15wps, for those who like to Chat ?.
but - where is it on the 30m band ?. it could be around 10.115 ?

anyway - do place some TX out there & see what happens.

sCWs by VK6ISVK6IS, 02 May 2019 08:03
G5XWG5XW 29 Dec 2018 18:36
in discussion Community / Announcements » CN2XW

I will be signing as CN2XW for the next week (ending 6th Jan) working QRP as time permits., had a relapse on me morse again :-( so please QRS
73s G5XW


CN2XW by G5XWG5XW, 29 Dec 2018 18:36

Evening 12 NOV 30m QSOs near 10112 kHz: local static QRN again quite heavy, and very few signals on band. DDK9 weak, also WWVH on 10000 kHz weak and lots of QSB, propagation show conditions as fair. Only 2 QSOs, many thanks to: IT9DQT and IK7XJA (30CW152) Franco, latest member to 30CW!

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

Re: 30m CW QSO Party by VK5EEEVK5EEE, 12 Dec 2018 16:29

11NOV 30m QSO TNX: 3W3B (Vietnam), DK6HN, DL8FBH, EA4EPY, HB9AUK, IK7XJA, RX4CD, RX6B, S57V, UR4EZ, VK6RR (30CW2), VK7AD. Many of the European QSO were with modest power (100W) and modest antennas (dipoles). Most QSO 1530-1630Z on 10111.1kHz. Hope CU TMW, look for me around 10112.

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

Re: 30m CW QSO Party by VK5EEEVK5EEE, 11 Dec 2018 16:47

Evening of 10 December: All Asia CW Net (see nets) with HS0ZEA and JL1MUT (30CW12) on 10149 kHz, then a nice time with many more QSO on 30m: LY5A, OU5U, DL5CL, DL4ZM, F5TFW. Including modest barefoot stations with similar set up to mine still RST 559. And HA8VK on 20m as lone signal here on the CW band.

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

Re: 30m CW QSO Party by VK5EEEVK5EEE, 10 Dec 2018 18:10

My report for 9 December: I called CQ for hours though the band was open (30m is open 24 hours a day) although conditions were on the poor side, finally had a weak RST 339 calling me: it was OM Dave VK4YD, we then had a nice QRS QSZ QSO. (QSZ: repeating each word twice).

Today 10th December at time of writing, I put on my auto-CQ beacon (not used it in over a year, got it working without too much headache, twisting wires together) calling CQ on 10110 and called OM Tim VK3IM to ask if he could hear me, as coincidence would have it he was just about to answer my CQ, having come across my signal. Had a long rag chew, and now back to auto CQ while relaxing in the living room until any answers.

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

Re: 30m CW QSO Party by VK5EEEVK5EEE, 10 Dec 2018 06:40

If you have any problem to post in the forum or get a "permission denied" please send a message to VK5EEE asking for help and giving details of your problem. Thank you.

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

Re: Welcome to 30cw.net forums by VK5EEEVK5EEE, 09 Dec 2018 07:28

Dear Friends,

a new initiative. Not a contest, but a QSO party. Call CQ any day, especially on the +30 minutes half hour, and around X kHz above band edge where X is the date.

So for example, today is the 9th December, so 10109, the 31st will be 10131. Always check frequency is clear with QRL?

Please exchange your name, 30CW Nr and QTH on first over, and on the 2nd, your station details including power and antenna and even what Morse Key you are using.

End your QSO with "77" see the meaning here: 77

If you have a positive experience or suggestions or comments, please post them here in the forum or as a reply to this post.

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

30m CW QSO Party by VK5EEEVK5EEE, 09 Dec 2018 06:02

Yes, sorry about that, I did not get notifications, so did not update, as volunteer admin for the site. Now you are in the list along with some other recent members! [[cs]] and [[nr]] fro Callsign and Number sorted lists of 30CW members. You're 30CW145. Let's use our numbers proudly on the air :-)

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

Re: Is this club still working? by VK5EEEVK5EEE, 09 Dec 2018 05:50

True! I'm having wonderful openings through the night to Europe short path. As soon as 20m closes to Europe, or even before that, 30m opens up! It's the only band I can get Africa, Asia, Europe and America ALL at the same time (aside from 40m which is more when I'm asleep!). I'm trying to get more active and think up ideas how we can get more active on 30m.

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

Re: Calling CQ now.. by VK5EEEVK5EEE, 09 Dec 2018 05:35

I joined the club but I cannot see my call sign on the main page. Anybody still active on here? I only see old posts!

Thank you

Yes I'm surprised. Such a beautiful band and people don't seem to use it much!

Re: Calling CQ now.. by Pierre VE2HSPierre VE2HS, 16 Nov 2018 04:53

yep - - the 30m band is an good-un,
& it'll be nice to see some more activity on it, this season.

New member here — thanks! Have had a daily sked with a DR OC/Elmer who recently relocated. What was once a pretty solid over-the-mountains NVIS QRP chat became a cross-country struggle between our busy daily schedules and terrible band condx. He suggested 30M, and after setting up a quick quarter-wave above ground vertical with two radials, we are back in business. I run about 50 watts, and that helps with the QSB and QRN. Hope to improve this by raising the antenna a bit. Seems like band is improving day-by-day, or maybe I'm just hopeful.

I'm loving 30M, and don't seem to have any QRM issues. He's hit with QRM sometimes, but we manage to keep our sked. I'm amazed there's a band for CW and narrow-band modes only, and so very pleased that contesting is not part of 30M.

73,77 de Paul/N6MGN

CONUS Propagation Improving??? by N6MGNN6MGN, 11 Aug 2018 14:49

Mario and 30m CW friends!

A year later, and still the same great LP propagation on 30m at these times.

Mario you and I have the same antenna but mine is much shorter, a half wavelength at 30m, but the ends are bent down 1.5m from each end.

Amazing signals from F5NTV on 10112.5 RST579 peaking 589, gave me 579 for my 50W, Bruno F5NTV station is formidable: 500W to a 2ele Yagi up 18m! So nice to hear a loud EU signal above the local S6 noise level here in suburban Adelaide.

DDK9 barely audible below noise level, with its high power but omni directional higher angle antenna.

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

Re: EU-VK propagation by VK5EEEVK5EEE, 22 Jul 2018 07:02


TNX FER joining 30CW and it was nice to read your profile and also your page G5XW and truly wonderful that you have your father's callsign, a G5 two letters, that's great!

I hope to get more active on 30m again, local noise levels have been keeping me off the band since a change of QTH, in spite of having a dipole up broadside to Europe.

Maybe some time I can also get to use my QCX 3W QRP rig which was built for 30m. Meanwhile I hope to read your reports and others about 30m CW activities and news!

77 de Lou, VK5EEE

Re: Look forward to working you by VK5EEEVK5EEE, 19 Jul 2018 13:17

Hello all, found site more by chance
look forward to catching some of you about
all the best 73 G5XW


Look forward to working you by G5XWG5XW, 18 Jul 2018 21:10

:D Not a dickie bird. A bit early in the year to expect through-the-night propagation at this QTH.
Off to the leaba…

John EI5JS

Re: Calling CQ now.. by EI5JSEI5JS, 08 Apr 2018 02:41
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