30m CW

Join us in keeping CW alive and well on the 30m band

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The 30m CW interest group encourages CW activity on 30m to ensure that we do not lose this very special prime CW band to other modes, nor lose it to other primary services. The best way to do this is to be active on 30m as much as possible.


30CW.net membership is open to all CW operators who use or wish to use the 30m radio amateur band using Morse Code for "non-5NN" activities and who support the aims specified below:

  • Giving honest signal reports (RST)
  • Avoiding unnecessary split operation
  • Promoting human CW QSO on 30m
  • Encouraging friendships among CW OPs

Please use the forums as often as you can for friendly exchange of information about 30m activities, nets, news, propagation, antennas and sharing of personal experiences and nice QSO on 30m as well as anything else related to 30m of interest to 30m CW operators.

If you agree with the above aims, please join this site via the button below:


You must register with screen name as your CALLSIGN or CALLSIGN Name otherwise your membership will be revoked.

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