After 28+yrs of SSB decided to try CW "again"
as of SPRING 2018 4th time lucky hihi.. HAD A RELAPSE so back to the start AGAIN
So pse QRS & thanks for help

Name is Russell..Home QTH county of Dorset SW UK
I have great pleasure to be using my Grandfather's old call.
This was 1st issued in 1926, to a Mr C Bryant, given up in 1930
& re-issued also in 1930 to my Grandfather E.C.Taylor.
So the re-issuing of UK calls is NOT NEW !!!!!!!!
My other calls listed below have there own QRZ.COM page so please look them up
My Inter G calls have been or are
G5XW/MM++++G5XW/EU-120++++ GU5XW/EU-114++++ GJ5XW/EU-013++++
& Other calls Outside G have been or are
9H3XW-EU023~~~CN2XW~~~CT9/G5XW-AF014~~~EA7/G5XW~~~ EA8/G5XW~~~

up until this year Ive had a meduim size station, but have down sized a few things since Feb, including power now work QRP .

enjoy working when ever I can from holiday locations

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