I was originally licensed as a Tech+ in Dec 1990. My first HF contact was 15M CW with N2EKM (SK) on Long Island, NY. I upgraded to General in Dec 2018. I have been active in CW since Feb 2019.

Since I learned Morse code the wrong way back in 1990, I struggle to get my code speed up. I am comfortable at 7-8 WPM but my goal is 15+ WPM. I use Farnsworth keying with characters around 18 WPM, but spacing probably near 7-8 WPM. I am an active member of the SKCC (#19964T). In particular, I enjoy their monthly SSS (Slow Speed Saunter). I am also a member of FISTS, 10-10, NAQCC, and the ARRL.

My station has an Icom IC-7300 connected to an Icom AH-4 remote tuner with a long wire antenna (100') at 20 ft above ground. This combination lets me work all of the bands from 160M to 6M. My longest contacts have been Australia and South Africa. I use a TBFB (Torsion Bar Fat Boy) Cootie key by W1SFR.

73 de N9KJU, Ken S. <ten.lrra|ujk9n#ten.lrra|ujk9n>
SKCC #19964T, FISTS #3329, NAQCC #9906, 10-10 #67438, 30CW #226

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