30m CW QSO Party

The 30m QSO Party is an activity to encourage use of the 30m CW band. 30m is allocated to the Amateur Radio Service on a Secondary basis, with the Fixed Service having Priority.

Contests are not allowed on 30m to avoid QRM on this narrow band where we are secondary users. 30CW.Net (30m CW Activity Group) was set up to protect 30m CW interests. Please consider joining 30CW, it is free, and you receive a membership number.

The 30m QSO Party takes place on any day at any time on 30m in CW mode. To make it easier to find stations, and to vary the center of activity each day, it takes place X kHz above band edge, or nearby, where X is the date. For example on the 12th, near 10112.

To further increase chances of QSOs, you are encouraged to especially call CQ around 30 minutes past the hour, on 101XX kHz, where XX is the current UTC date. No calling CQ TEST as it is not a contest, normal CQ calling procedures should be observed.

There are no awards and the encouraged QSO format is a relaxed QSO in which during the first over each station exchanges name, 30CW number (if a member) and QTH. On the second over you are encouraged to send your power, antenna and type and/or model of Morse key.

QSO are ended with the greeting "77" which means "Long Live CW (Morse Code) and wishing you many happy CQ QSO".

If you have comments or experiences to report, you are encouraged to do so on the 30CW.net forum. All who join 30CW.net have free access to the forums too, as well as much other useful information about 30m available on the menu "30m info".

We hope to read your reports in the forum!

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