QTT - Quality True Telegraphy - Quality Telegraphy Time

QTT is an idea promoting the use of non-5NN QSO with exchange of honest reports and additional information. Using human CW rather than digital (Computer) CW. This activity is especially encouraged on 30m where the 30m CW interest group does not advocate "5NN TU" type activities which often create more interference than contests.

To encourage QSO between CW Operators and to spread out band usage more evenly, roaming QTT Centre of Activity frequencies were established, as well as a "QTT Hour" as follows:

  • QTT Centre of Activity: UTC date = kHz from band edge

Therefore on the 1st of the month, around 10101, up to the 31st around 10131.

  • QTT Hour: UTC date = UTC hour

Therefore on the 1st of the month for one hour from 0100 UTC, and so on until the 23rd of the month at 2300UTC. The 24th of the month 2400UTC may be considered to be 0000UTC of the 25th. All non-5NN QSO that took place within QTT Hours can be totalled for each month by adding up the minutes duration of each QSO, for a monthly "QTT Hour Total".

A "non-5NN" QSO on any frequency during QTT Hour can be counted toward the total minutes, counting only QSO minutes that took place during QTT Hours.

QTT Hours is not a contest but has bragging rights. Contests emphase rapid communications whereas QTT emphases longer contacts and the exchange of at least name, QTH, and ideally information on Power and Antenna in order to gauge propagation and aid experimentation.

The QTT code means "the identification which follows is superimposed upon the existing transmmission" and thus is also encouraged to be used as a prefix to give your CW Club(s) and membership numbers, and/or any former professional service or amateur service callsigns used or held. This serves to promote CW club memberships and friendships among amateurs.

QTT is also held to mean "Quality Telegraphy Time" as in an enjoyable CW QSO without a simple and meaningless "5NN TU", as well as a Quality True Telegraphist.

More information about QTT can be found at VKCW here.



Campaign Inspired and Created by OT Jean 5T0JL (SK) and Companions

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