I'm LOU aka LUI and I enjoy CW and 30m QTT (non-5NN TU) PROPER QSO :-)

You can find me most days and times on 101date.3 kHz e.g. on 24th: 10124.3 kHz

You can read more about me and my station at: https://qrz.com/db/VK5EEE

Currently my power is limited to 100W and my antenna is:

  • Doublet dipole 2x6m horizontal up 10 9.2m above ground NE-SW plus 2x1.4m vertical down at the ends due to limited space and to ensure it works also on 40m. This radiates well to S E Asia, South Asia and Europe on 30m. It has attenuation toward North America and South Africa. It is fed with 300 Ohm balanced line feeder to a balun and antenna matching unit, and tunes all bands from 7-29MHz.

Above is a photo of my doublet 2x(6m+1.4m) which is 10m above ground level and radiates broadside to Europe, S E Asia, India, New Zealand and Central America. It works OK to Japan, not so well to North America and South Africa which are off the ends.

Below is the azimuth radiation plot at 15 (black), 30 (blue), 45 (red) degrees elevation:


Below is the elevation plot of the doublet direction Europe (black), Japan (blue) and North America (green):


Naturally as at 10m this is less than half wavelength high, this would have much better low angle radiation if it were 15m or higher. But this is not possible due to 10m height restriction.

With thanks to AA7FV OM Darrel for the kind assistance in providing the plots for my antenna.

Membership Numbers

  • FISTS 1124
  • HSC 1437
  • UFT 728
  • RCWC 980
  • SKCC 15007
  • CWOPS 1714
  • 30CW 1
  • SSN

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